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DART Unity Plaza Station

Architect > RTKL Associates Inc 
My Role at RTKL > Design and Construction Drawings, Architectural Scale Model
project awards > Dallas AIA, unbuilt award
Project Type > Transit Hub for Subway, Bus, and Trolley;  Museum
Location > Dallas, TX
Size > 7,000 square feet 
Images Courtesy of CallisonRTKL, renderings by other team members

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit Authority (DART) desired to upgrade the existing subway station entrance at Cityplace Station along North Central Expressway.  The new entry was to include a transit hub with train, bus, and trolley access.  Under the plan, the existing McKinney Avenue trolley line would be extended to Cityplace with a turntable featured in the plaza.  In addition, the station was to display artifacts to celebrate the construction of the North Central Expressway.  The design featured a stunning plaza incorporating a recessed waterfall, sloped lawn, overhead trellis, all anchored by a 108-foot tall light beacon.  Exterior cladding included cast stone, architectural concrete, vast clear glass areas, and translucent glass channels.  The main entrance to the station required crossing a bridge spanning over the waterfall.  The minimalist design required careful detailing to achieve the building's functional and performance requirements while maintaining thin architectural profiles.  Incorporated into the design was access to clean all glazed areas, including the light beacon's interior and exterior surfaces.  A ceremonial limestone grand staircase was featured, allowing displays at each landing.  A secondary stair was to be crafted in metal with textures ranging from perforated panels, open grating, and embossed stair treads.  

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