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Museum of Science and Industry

You the Experience Exhibit

Architect > Ross Barney Architects (RBA) in collaboration with Thinc Design 
My Role at RBA > detailed architectural elements
Awards > 
Thea Award for Outstanding Cultural Achievement 
ID Magazine Design Review, Honorable Mention
Project Type > Museum
Location > Chicago, IL
Size > 15,000 SF
Photos courtesy of the Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry desired a new permanent exhibit at the north balcony and adjacent spaces.  The exhibit was designed for each participant to learn about their personnel human biology.  To accommodate the new exhibit, the north end of the balcony was extended approximately twenty feet requiring significant structural changes.  A new glass guardrail was installed to differentiate the balcony extension from the original historic construction.  The design featured floating elements which appeared to defy gravity.  A custom LED light fixture was designed to provide a glowing band of colors at the edges of the floating elements.  

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