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Hanger Roof Replacment

Engineer > Thornton Tomasetti
My Role > roof replacement drawings and construction administration
Project Type > Aviation
Location > Chicago, IL
Size > 12,200 square feet roof replaced

High winds caused damage to the roof of an airplane hanger in Chicago.    The roof membrane detached from the roof deck of the hanger.    Roofs are susceptible to detachment or "blow off" if not adequately anchored.  Thermal performance can also be degraded with certain attachment methods.  To repair the damage, drawings and specifications were produced to mitigate thermal performance issues and provide roof anchorage to comply with the code prescribed wind loads.    A white roof with code-prescribed insulation were installed to comply with energy standards.  Workers installed a temporary roof at the end of the workday to protect the building and contents from rain.  The project was completed while saving approximately 60% of the roof which was not damaged by the high winds.

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