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Old Republic Roof Terrace Renovation

Engineer > Thornton Tomasetti in collaboration with New World Design LTD
My Role > roofing and paving design and detailing, masonry repairs, construction adminstration
Project Type > Roof Terrace
Location > Chicago, IL

The Sky-Line Club is located in the Old Republic Building's 24th-floor penthouse on Michigan Avenue.  New World Design LTD led the renovation of the club completed in 2013.    To offer outdoor dining, it was decided to convert the existing roof outside of the club into a terrace with breathtaking views of downtown Chicago and the Magnificent Mile.   Thornton Tomasetti was contracted to provide construction documents for the roofing, terrace pavers, and masonry repairs.  A liquid roofing membrane was chosen for its durability and ease of installation for high-rise buildings. By offering a seamless installation, liquid roofs are known for their longevity and ability to conform the irregular surfaces without complex installation requirements.   The roofing manufacture provided a 30-year warranty for the installation.  Deck repairs were implemented as necessary.  As commonly required, the masonry below the existing roof was repaired due to prolonged water exposure.   Each night, a temporary roof was installed to reduce the chance of water damage during the construction.  Completion of the project allowed for an exceptional new dining experience for the Sky-Line Club members. 

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