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Museum of Science and Industry
Science Classroom Renovation

Architect > Ross Barney Architects (RBA)
my role at RBA > lead designer and drawing coordinator
Project Type > Education
Location > Chicago, IL
Size > 4,600 square feet

The Museum of Science and Industry desired to create learning opportunities to promote science education for K-8 schools.  Four rooms within the museum were designated to be remodeled totaling 4,600 square feet.  To maximize learning opportunities, the rooms were reconfigured to allow for flexible classroom sizes and moveable seating arrangements.  The design included two fully equipped science labs with laboratory hoods, refrigerated storage, sinks, emergency shower/eyewash stations, and laboratory-grade cabinets and countertops.  

PICT0212_color correction.jpg
PICT0279_pshop2 copy.jpg
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